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First Week’s Summary

Before we finish off for the week, I thought to quickly touch base with everyone. It was bit of a rocky start I’ve to admit, however things got better towards the end.

Intra-day Strategy

For people who are waiting on the this strategy, I appreciate your patience. There are some exciting changes and I’ll keep you all posted. Please continue to visit as I’ll add regular useful content to the blog.


I tried my best to reply to all your emails, but if I missed some then please send them to me again and reply them over the weekend. Just to give you an idea, I received around 800 emails since Jan till Fri last week, but from Fri when I announced the service till Wednesday this week I received over 1000 emails.


In regards to the trading this week we got stuck early on the sideways market after the huge gap over the weekend. Only today it started picking up again to add some relief. When we look overall we did not do so good, but our star pairs EURJPY and EURUSD are still much better than the rest of the pairs. From next week onwards I’ll trade these two as my primary pairs and risk even further less on other pairs. I suggest you do the same.

Expert Advisor

Expert Advisor also made a lot of progress and we are getting closer to a stable version and hopefully we can start to add extra features soon. I really appreciate your patience in this matter.


Activity on forum has picked up quite nicely and you may have already noticed some staff members. If not, let me introduce:

1. Diet Pipsi: Needs no introduction, he generously accepted to be the first moderator. He has been outstanding since the beginning and has added great content on the forum already.

2. Kalud: He is our very hard working and highly devoted EA developer. He also have some really great and exciting ideas for EA in near future.

3. Tiffany: She has been helping off and on with the Admin work. Can’t thank her enough for all her help on Monday.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend friends.

Welcome Club Members !

I would like to congratulate and thank you all who joined the club today. It was quite an overwhelming response and I am quite humbled by that.

There is still some admin work left to be done once everything is sorted you should have access to Forum, Email Updates and MT4 ( if you opt for it). If you still haven’t send us your details then please send us your Paypal Email, Forum Email, Email-List EmailĀ  and MT4 Account number.

MT4 Account is needed to authenticate your copy of EA. Only provide the account that you plan to use this week. We can later change it to any account.

If you have already send the details then please be patient and you will soon have complete access.

Keep in mind that this club depends on your participation and it is an collective effort, hence I encourage you to regularly participate in the forum.

For those who missed out today, don’t despair, there will be more opportunities in the future. There were some good suggestions made in the most popular post we ever had ( 235 comments ) and in near future you will see some interesting updates.

Stay Tuned !


1000 Pips GiveAway - Free Expert Advisor

No TIME!! That was always my problem. This EA has been long time coming, glad it is finally here.
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