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Important Announcement !

Forex AttentionHello Everyone !

I hope you all are doing great. I’ve announcement to make regarding upcoming holidays. Some of you may already know that I take time off in December every year. I will be not available starting from 10th Dec to 9th January 2011. This break will help me regain focus and energy for 2011. The new year will bring a lot of fresh and interesting changes to our services. I won’t jump the gun right now but look out for announcements early next year.

Note for Clients:

Trial will continue when I come back next year, all remaining days will start from 10th Jan 2011. Any members who join while I am on break will start their trial period from 10th Jan 2011

Note for Existing Clients:

To keep the payment process simple I recommend leaving PayPal subscription active. We will simply refund your next payment. This will help us to keep things simple and easy to manage.

For any questions feel free to email

If I don’t hear from you before Friday then have a great holiday period and Happy New Year !

P.S. Please note next holiday period will be around July-August 2011

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