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Our Best Offer Yet…

We are excited to announce fresh update in regards to our services and prices. By far this is the best offer we have ever come up with.

We listened to the feedback received from our readers & past members and by making these changes we hope to address the shortcoming plus at the same time make our services competitive and relevant to more traders.

Elite Signal Only Plan

In the past we had Live Trading Room and other services tied to this plan. We now offer a simpler plan with Elite signals only. A lot of traders are interested in our primary signals and this package will help them receive profitable signals at lower cost.

Added SMS Delivery

SMS delivery was a missing link which is now taken into account. All signals will be sent via SMS from our gateway which supports 800 networks in 166 countries.

Free trial for US residents

In the past we were not able to offer free trial to US residents, now that’s history. US residents can now also enjoy our 1 month free “Elite Plus” trial.

Simpler Packages

In the past we had 4 packages which are now reduced to 2 main packages and a free trial offer. They are much easier to comprehend and more relevant to traders. We are also taking Live Trading Room offline to keep the workload under control and focus mainly on Elite Swing Signals.

Attractive Prices

Last but not least, packages are now offered at competitive price which will reduce overhead cost of our members and put more profit in their pocket. By this we hope that more traders will find our services relevant based on their trading balance. These prices are also applicable to our existing members. If you are a paid member then please drop a quick email to

This is the best set of services at the best possible prices we ever had.

Go ahead check out Services, Performance and Free Trial

+3255 Pips & Major Announcement

We had yet another great week with +180 pips from just one trade bringing our total to +3255 pips. So far this year we have progressed gradually and steadily towards building a solid equity and client base. Now we are making it even better to establish ourselves further for 2012.

Within 24 hours we will make a major announcement in regards to our services and prices. These changes are based on feedback we received from our readers and past members. We are confident that the new changes will address our shortcomings and provide services that could be utilized by large number of traders.

Keep an eye on the inbox for our announcement.

1000 Pips GiveAway - Free Expert Advisor

No TIME!! That was always my problem. This EA has been long time coming, glad it is finally here.
-Andy F.

  • 1000 Pips For You To Keep
  • No Strings, No fees, No Hidden Costs
  • Automatic Execution via Trade Copier
  • Available to First 1000 Participants Only!