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7 Tips to Maximize Trading Performance

Maximize Forex PerformanceWe all know how important it is to find our edge in the markets. Finding an edge could take months even years but once we have acquired such an edge, it is not the end and expecting windfall profits could only be a dream which is as good as wishful thinking. The next step is to work on yourself and develop the right mindset. Here are some tips that can help you Maximise Trading Performance:

1. Focus on implementing your trading plan perfectly for every trade

2. Focus on long term gains For ex. Weekly or Monthly gains as opposed to results of individual trades

3. Track and analyse performance to closest minute detail

4. Evaluate your actions and make changes on regular basis

5. Keep a positive frame of mind

6. Avoid any conversations or thoughts that instil doubts about your ability as a trader

7. Be a teacher, help others maximise their performance, which in turn will maximise your own

To find a systematic method that can help you avoid emotions and discretionary judgement is just the first step. I can’t emphasise enough how important is to then develop the right mindset. Hopefully the tips above help. What do you do to Maximise Trading Performance?

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