Sep Promotional Offer

Last month’s promotion was very well received by many trades and we have no other choice but to continue this offer into September.

For those who missed out last month, this is your chance to be part of our ever growing team of traders.

Promotional Offer

For every new client that join in August and deposit $600 or more will receive the following:

A. 1 Month Access to “Elite Plus” ($299 Value)
B. 1 Year License to MyFx MT4 Console ($249 Value)
C. 10% First Deposit Bonus from ($60 Value)

You also have an option to open account with only $100, in that case you will be entitled to receive our “Live Plus” service. Please note that is like any other broker and once you open a trading account you will have full access and control over your funds.

Access to “Elite Plus”

You will receive full access for 1 month to “Elite Plus” Plan, which comes with:

1. Elite Swing Trading Signals – Over 3000 Pips
2. Elite Expert Advisor – Automates all signals
3. Live Trading Room Access – Learn to trade

Not only this but you also receive:

1. Live Trading Room EA
2. Live Trading Room Signals
3. Price Action Strategy
4. CandleTick Strategy
5. HotZone Strategy
6. Real-Time Market News

Our new CandleTick EA is almost ready as well and it will be available at no extra cost to all members. You can read the complete details of all our services on this page.

MyFx MT4 Console

Along with Elite Plus signals you will also receive 1 year license for  MyFx MT4 Console. This is great product which enables:

A. 1 Click Trade Execution
B. Default Trade TP / SL
C. 1 Click Break Even
D. Click Close Trade
E. Close All Trades Button
F. See your risk per trade

This software comes in handy to enter and manage orders manually on MT4 platform. Try full featured 30 days free trial here. Once your trial is over simply email support[@] and we will email your 1 yr License.

First Deposit Bonus will also provide a 10% first deposit bonus. They will simply credit your account with bonus amount upon completion of account funding process.

This offer is only available to new clients who join between now and 30th Sep

+240 Pips – Another Excellent Week

Elite Swing trades continues to live up-to their name, week after week we they are churning out great pips. Last week we took 2 trades, EURJPY Short reached all Profit Target at a total of +240 pips, the other EURUSD trade closed at Break Even. Total +2710 pips for the year with over 80% win ratio.

For those who don’t know, all of the Swing trades can also be sent directly to your MT4 platform where our Elite EA executes and manages everything on your behalf. It comes in very handy for traders who are busy but still want to make most of our signals.

In Live Trading Room, we have been focusing more on CandleTick strategy and last week we released CandleTick EA which performs exactly the same function as our other EA. CandleTick strategy which is based on shorter timeframe is now available to all members in complete details. CandleTick EA is available to Live Plus/Elite/Elite Plus members.

Free Trial

Only two weeks left now before the “1 month free trial” offer is over. This offer has been widely popular and many traders have taken up on it. All you have to do is to open a account with our partner

Full Details Here

1000 Pips GiveAway - Free Expert Advisor

No TIME!! That was always my problem. This EA has been long time coming, glad it is finally here.
-Andy F.

  • 1000 Pips For You To Keep
  • No Strings, No fees, No Hidden Costs
  • Automatic Execution via Trade Copier
  • Available to First 1000 Participants Only!