What is Forex Mini, Micro and Standard Account?

Forex Account
Forex Account

Forex Account

In Forex market a trader can open Forex account based on different leverage. There are three types of Forex account:

1. Forex Standard Account
2. Forex Mini Account
3. Forex Micro Account

The table below summaries all the key differences between the three type of Forex Accounts:

Forex Account

Forex Account TypesLeverageOpening BalanceTrade Size
Forex Standard100:1High ~$2000+
Forex Mini200:1Low ~$500+10,000
Forex Micro400:1Lowest ~$100+1,000
Table Comparing Different Forex Account Types

As you can see form the table that the lower leverage accounts usually require more money to open a Forex account. So if you are new to trading and want to invest only a small amount then perhaps a Forex Mini or Micro Forex account is the way to go. However if you are planning to make a living out of trading  or planning to trade full-time then Standard Forex account is the preferred choice over Forex Mini and Micro Accounts.

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